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End Table/Nightstand with Secret Hidden Gun Compartment
End Table/Nightstand with Secret Hidden Gun Compartment


End Table / Nightstand with Secret Hidden Compartment:


Concealed Carry for your Home!



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Orders can be placed at the bottom of this page. Just configure your table, add to cart, and checkout.

All tables are built to order and will take approximately 6 weeks to ship out.


Pictures and Videos:





Compartment Setup:



These end tables / nightstands are built to order in my small shop in northern Michigan out of high quality, cabinet grade, hardwood veneer plywood (the good real wood veneered stuff, not the fake paper-covered particle board junk).  The have solid hardwood legs, a solid hardwood drawer front, and are trimmed in solid hardwood.  The tables are built with a secret compartment in the frame of the table that will conceal a handgun, diary, jewelry, money, or anything else that will fit inside.  The secret compartment springs open with the press of the latch.  The table also of course functions as a regular end table or nightstand and includs a good sized drawer.  The overall layout and proportion of the table, drawer, drawer front, and sides were designed to make the table look like any ordinary end table / nightstand to an ordinary observer.  No indication that the table houses a secret compartment can be seen from the front, back, sides, or top of the table.  Someone would have to get down on the floor or bend over and look up under the table to tell it is anything but an ordinary table.  Even with the drawer open or removed, the table appears normal.  However, with one pull of the hidden latch, the side of the table springs open to give you quick access to your hidden items.  The tables can be ordered with the hidden compartment on the left side, right side, or on both sides.  Also, you can order a table with no hidden compartment in the event you needed a matching table that does not need the compartment.



  • High Quality Material:  A combination of high quality plywoods and real hardwoods are used
  • Disassemble:  The table disassembles for easier and less expensive shipping and only takes about two minutes to put together. No tools are required to assemble or disassembly the table.
  • Locking Compartment:  The hidden compartment can be locked so that it will not open if the hidden latch is pulled.
  • Large Compartment:  The hidden compartment is large enough to hold virtually any standard semi-automatic handgun, all small and medium framed revolvers, and most large frame revolvers.  The compartment can also hold many other items such as journals/diaries, money, important papers, or jewelry.  The compartment will also hold small, thin plastic containers that can be filled with small items.

Hidden Compartment:

The hidden compartment is designed to hold almost any semi-automatic handgun, as well as all small frame revolvers and many medium and large frame revolvers.  The hidden compartment is approximately 2" deep, 6 1/4" high, and 13" long.  Sig P226, P220, Glock 22, 17, SR9, XD/XDM, M&P, etc will all fit.. as well as many more.  All standard 1911's will fit.  All small and medium frame revolvers will fit as will most large frame revolvers... even large chamberings such as .44 mag.  Taurus Judges will also fit.

Included with the table are pieces of elastic and small screws which will allow you to customize the hidden compartment to hold whichever handgun you might have, or to hold other items.

The hidden compartment can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Stain Colors:

You can chose from the following stain colors: Natural, Early American, Colonial, Golden, Cherry, and Walnut.

Dimensions and Details:

Height:  can be ordered from 20" to 34" (common end table height is 24" to 26", common night stand height is 28" to 30")
Length (top):  21 3/4"
Width (top):  16 3/4"
Weight:  approximately 25 lbs
Compartment inside (aprox):  13" long, 6 1/4" tall, 2" deep

Options and Ordering Information:

These tables are built to order and take some time to complete (please check the top of this page for current order lead times).  To order, simply select the options you want from the drop-down lists below, click "add to cart", and proceed with checkout.  To order multiple table, each with different configurations: first select the options for one table and add to cart, then return to this page and repeat for any additional tables, changing the options as necessary.

Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card online directly through our site at the time of checkout, simply add to cart and complete checkout. Also, you can pay via credit card over the phone, or you can mail a check or money order.

When choosing the hidden compartment layout, use the following diagram as reference:


Upgrades and Custom Designs:

These tables can be upgraded to a full hardwood version, built from your choice of wood and with a custom stain color.  Also, the tables can be custom designed to almost any style you can think of, from Mission to Victorian.  The prices of custom table will depend on the wood choice and the complexity of the design.  To view some examples of the solid hardwood versions of these tables, please go here. For more information on custom tables, of if you have any other questions, feel free to send and e-mail of give me a call.  Contact information is located here.


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